What Stylesters Does For Retailers, Sellers and Resellers ??

  • Sellers, Retailers and Resellers can sell their collections and looks online on Stylesters Marketplace and connect with their potential customers directly, all over India for FREE!!
  • The more you share your collections and create looks out of it the, more followers you will gain. You can manage all your collections and designs at one place and get your Online shop at one place.
  • This Online shop you can share directly on other Social media platforms or share your product as well.
  • Please go through the Steps - “How to sell on Stylesters Marketplace”
  • If you wanted to sell then please fill this form and our team will reach to you to get guide you on board.

Partner Program

How Stylesters is different from other platforms

Drawbacks of existing marketplaces.

  • They do not entertain Small & medium scale retailers or fashion designers.
  • They charge monthly fees even if you do not sell any of your collections.
  • Their platform is not meant for fashion lovers it is more generic.
  • You lose your identity and cannot use your skills to market it.

How Stylesters overcomes these flaws

  • We do entertain small & medium scale retailers and fashion designers. We believe in encouraging talents.
  • We do not charge fixed monthly fees. We charge only if you sell product via our platform that is also very less percentage when you sell any product via us.
  • Our platform is meant and designed specifically for fashion lovers where you get a chance of connecting similar minded people and convert them into potential buyers. For example, organizing your wardrobe as per your wish, create your lookbook using simple drag and drop feature using yours as well as other wardrobe collections and show other users how can yoou style.
  • You do not lose your identity as you will be highlighted more your collections is viewed or more you use your fashion skills to market your products.
  • On the top you get your free Online ecommerce store.
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